Our Services and Technical Expertise

revpl's Intelligent Application services contribute to your product's success throughout its lifecycle, driving measurable returns and  sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Services

We offer these services to contribute to your success.

Intelligent App Development

Web and mobile software to enhance every aspect of your work—streamlining and magnifying the contributions of your team, embedding best practices, and automating and optimizing at every turn.

Product Strategy and Launch

Our broad exposure lets us contribute to all facets of your product and launch strategies. We seek to understand your broader business and goals, and usually identify many ways to drive your success.

Performance and Resiliency Optimization

When performance really matters, we achieve sub-second speed at great scale, obliterate bottlenecks, and engineer self-healing systems with consistent global availability and freedom from data loss.

Operations Process Improvement

Simplify and centralize processes, with systems that magnify results and enhance management oversight.

Team Development & Training

A model project can provide a running start, and opportunity for us to share new capabilities and development best practices with your team members.

Our Expertise

Whether it's a ReactJS/Native or Angular front end, a Python, Java, .NET or NodeJS back end, a SQL, NoSQL or Hadoop data store, or integrations, we focus on using the right tools for the right challenge. 

Our 100+ strong team of developers apply best practices for today's best-of-breed technologies.


Increase Visits, Retention and Loyalty

Fanatical loyalty, referrals and retention are byproducts of a system that empowers and delights, that enables a user to perform efforts more intelligently, effectively and efficiently.

Greater revenue. From compelling and featureful offerings, cross-promotion within the system, and statistical optimization of your pricing and promotion in real time.

Greater margins. Lower fulfilment costs by streamlining operations—reduce and automate steps, speed users’ efforts with intelligent guidance, enable self-service options, and reduce training and support needs.

Greater retention and satisfaction for employees and partners. Have interactions with the system leverage a user’s thoughts and time, and minimize mechanical or repetitive steps.

Greater intellectual property. Install your expertise through every part of the system.


Maximize Sales, Profits, Retention and IP

Numerous types of value can derive from your Intelligent Application, that flow to your top and bottom lines.


Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Your Intelligent Application seeks to sustainably improve your longer-term competitive advantage.

Satisfy current needs, and adapt to future needs, through an extensible framework that helps you deliver more value and actionable insight to stakeholders, with greater operational efficiency, greater agility, and enhanced cost efficiency. 

Contribute your hard-won insights and best practices throughout the system’s intelligence, to distinguish your brand, differentiate your services, and build your organization’s intellectual property.

When you empower your staff and clients to work with greater effectiveness and optimally use their time, you position them to make new contributions to bring you closer to your goals.