How Intelligent Applications Foster the Best Outcomes

What makes an application intelligent? A key must-have, uniquely available from revpl Software: The application's backend and frontend alike embed insights and best practices. Usually, we fortify the application with algorithms to intelligently guide users to decisions and actions that yield the most effective result. Other important features:

Smart Guides & Forms

Minimizing user effort while ensuring accuracy.


Our Smart Guides and Forms can intelligently adapt to ask users only what is relevant given the context; share intelligent suggestions, guidance and warnings; and automatically determine certain entries, through calculation and automation. Tailoring content and workflows to individual site visitors increases the relevance, usefulness and efficiency for each.

Embed insights and best practices.

We meld your subject matter knowledge with the vast toolkit of possibilities and insights we’ve leveraged with scores of leading organizations, ensuring an intelligent, effective result.

Actionable Business Intelligence

Guide effective management decisions and insights


Through intelligent signals, reports and dashboards, we provide actionable suggestions and insights in real time, empowering meaningful, effective management decisions. Flexible reporting allows for analyses ‘your way’, and your reports can be generated and sent to you automatically.

Streamline Operations

Remove and simplify steps to reduce cost and improve outcomes.


We simplify and centralize processes, and provide computer-assisted guidance to help streamline operations.

Magnify Performance

Empower Teams


Your system can present team members all the nuanced inputs and savvy guidance they need, when they need it, to optimize decisions and outcomes.

Automation and Integration

Seamlessly take advantage of your existing systems


We help streamline the architecture and workflows of an organization. Automation and integration frameworks harness the power of your existing Web Services, databases and legacy systems. Our integration frameworks offer swift integration with hundreds of popular systems, and custom integration with others. They incorporate automatic problem detection and recovery techniques, so that system and network problems won’t become consequential problems. All in all, this can dramatically increase the capabilities of your system, and help to reduce the level of maintenance, support and overall cost of digital systems.

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