Engineering for Excellence: A Strategy for Success

Meeting these nuanced engineering needs is critical for your systems' success and safety.

Engineering Excellence

Security by Design


Security weaknesses now pose one of the highest risks of organizational failure and devastation. With thousands of "attack vectors", even hospitals, governments, executive suites and customers are affected.

The only way to safeguard your firm’s and user’s data, and your company’s reputation, is through a "Security by Design" approach where security is considered within every phase of architecture and development.

The average data breach costs $3.8 million—far more than the engineering cost to prevent it

Source: The Ponemon Institute

Architecting & Engineering for Security

Some popular practices provide a false illusion of security. For example, the password encryption that many systems use can be broken within hours.

Our architectural processes incorporate dozens of security considerations and techniques.

Maintaining Security

Sustaining security requires ongoing, timely, vigilant efforts. Our managed services can include awareness of new exploits, patch management for systems and libraries, browser and OS release management, and periodic testing in several forms.

Engineering Excellence

Performance Optimization


Speed really matters. When applications aren't fast, customers leave and are dissatisfied, Google placements are harmed, and years of cumulative staff time are wasted.

Database and software bottlenecks can magnify during your critical times, just when your needs are surging—and can cripple your systems.

We employ scores of nuanced techniques when performance really matters, to achieve sub-second speed at great scale.

Engineering Excellence

Quality First

Surprises, rework and problematic architecture can jeopardize your system's goals and deadlines, especially when discovered too late. They can also make future improvements complex, costly and time-consuming.

To engineer a successful, reliable system, nuanced quality practices must be part of every step of software architecture and development.

Quality First is an investment that is repaid through the life of your system.

We call our focus “Quality First” because it is the foremost priority of every member of our engineering team, and because extensive quality processes are a fundamental part of each team member’s role.

Scaling and Resiliency


Will rapid growth and large usage spikes provide success and acclaim, or cause your system to fall apart?

Will server, database or regional issues interrupt your services—and will data be lost? Will recovery be automatic or problematic? 

Complex nuances of your databases, system architecture and infrastructure may determine this.

revpl architects for your specific circumstance and needs, whether processing billions of transactions without interruption, or critical records without data loss.

Engineering Expertise

Mobile Effectiveness

What is your Mobile development strategy, now that mobile Web usage often exceeds Desktop usage, and with the great proliferation of hardware and screen variations?

No single approach is appropriate for all needs.

We select from a litany of techniques to best further your goals—whether responsive, hybrid or native; frameworks like React, Angular and Vue; offline and hardware features, and more.

Engineering Excellence

Future Oriented

We take a component-based approach, enabling us to streamline the engineering of even very intricate systems to attain high quality in a relatively short time.