Getting to know and what drives us

Our focus is to understand your business goals, challenges and processes, and craft high-performance, intelligent digital systems to drive new value to your organization. We care deeply about quality, process, and our close collaborative relationships.

Our Approach and Attitude

We are collaborative partners and support you as a part of your team. We tend toward close, long-lasting relationships, some for well over a decade.

Our broad exposure helps us contribute to your product and business strategies.

We think beyond the particular system you have envisioned—we seek to understand your broader business and goals, and usually identify many ways to drive your success.

At heart, we are passionate technologists, product and business process strategists, and innovators.

Engineering excellence, insightful algorithms, process improvement and quality are part of our DNA.

Our Beginnings and Evolution

We were founded in 2001 after David created a search engine, now called, and initially built revpl Software to support it.

As the first privacy search engine, Startpage has grown to serve millions of users and billions of searches each year.

While we have grown substantially as well, our contributions to Startpage continue.


Ned Boyajian
VP IT Initiatives
David Bodnick
Marlon Feld
Senior Partner
Anupam Dutta
ERP Practice Manager
Stuart Murray
Senior PMO Manager
Karen Markham
Operations Manager
Anil Kumar
Region Director
Rachel Gild
SaaS Ventures
Arun Saini
VP of Technology

100+ Strong Team

Our staff of more than 100 highly skilled developers, computer scientists and consultants responds with thoughtful, consummately crafted solutions.

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New York City Department Of Education
Tap Influence
Major League Baseball